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Fleet Rabbit
Fleet Rabbit
Fleet Rabbit
Fleet Rabbit
Fleet Rabbit
Fleet Rabbit
Fleet Rabbit
Fleet Rabbit

Integrate Telematics

Use telematics data to automatically start the maintenance process.

Fleet RabbitFleet Rabbit
Fleet Rabbit

Integrate Fuel Card

Gather data from fuel cards to monitor and report on fuel costs.

Fleet Rabbit
Fleet Rabbit

Fleet Rabbit Software

Why Fleet Rabbit

Tailored for Truck Management

Fleet Rabbit excels in managing truck and chassis fleets with specialized features for seamless operations.

Optimized Efficiency and Precision

Fleet Rabbit ensures heightened efficiency and precision in fleet management with precise monitoring and maintenance scheduling.

Customizable Solutions for Varied Needs

Fleet Rabbit offers customizable solutions to meet the diverse requirements of truck and chassis fleet operators, empowering them to adapt their processes as needed.

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Safety Management

Stay on Top of Safety and Compliance

Safety and regulatory compliance is business-critical for many industries. Generate reports and documentation in PDF format to give to auditors with an easy-to-use, mobile-first solution

Fleet Rabbit
Fleet Rabbit
Fuel Management

Standardize the Fuel process

Generate one click report from Fuel Management.Fuel Bunker to store and Fuel consumption reporting including receipt image attached.


Maintenance staff remains up to date with repair and regular maintenance.

Boost maintenance staff productivity by keeping all information available anytime, anywhere to all business team members (iPhone, Android, tablets and Desktop app).

Fleet Rabbit
Fleet Rabbit

Integrate Your Fleet Management In One Place

Fetch all your fleet data, from fuel cards to fault codes, in one central place. Say goodbye to data decentralization. Make informed decisions and take decisive actions to improve your fleet's efficiency.

Parts & Inventory

Maintain Vehicle and parts inventory. Bulk data upload feature from excel.

Managing parts quantities and costs shouldn’t be impossible. Our mobile inventory management software provides you with powerful insights to better control costs and ensure you have sufficient supply in stock. Oversee everything from parts consumption, purchasing, and more with the #1 asset and inventory management solution.

Fleet Rabbit

Everything will become One

Fleet Rabbit lets you take control of your money, balance your
income and expenses, and understand where your money goes.

Fleet Rabbit Vehicle Tracking

Real-time tracking of trucks and chassis to monitor location, status, and routes.

Fleet RabbitMaintenance Scheduling

Automated scheduling and tracking of maintenance tasks for vehicles, ensuring timely servicing and repairs.

Fleet RabbitInspection Compliance

Comprehensive inspection modules to ensure vehicles meet regulatory standards and safety requirements.

Fleet RabbitFuel Management

Integration with fuel tracking systems to monitor fuel consumption, optimize fuel usage, and detect anomalies.

Fleet Rabbit
Fleet RabbitDriver Management

Features for managing driver assignments, schedules, performance tracking, and compliance with regulations.

Fleet RabbitAsset Utilization

Analytics tools to analyze vehicle usage patterns, optimize asset allocation, and improve overall fleet utilization.

Fleet RabbitRoute Optimization

Route planning and optimization features to minimize fuel costs, reduce travel time, and improve delivery efficiency.

Fleet RabbitDocument Management

Centralized storage and management of important documents such as vehicle registrations, insurance, and inspection records for easy access and compliance tracking.

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Fleet Rabbit is a comprehensive fleet management software designed to streamline various aspects of fleet operations. It helps fleet managers efficiently track vehicles, manage inspections, monitor compliance, and optimize resources, leading to increased productivity and cost savings.
Yes, Fleet Rabbit is designed to seamlessly integrate with fuel and GPS telematic devices. This integration allows for real-time monitoring of fuel consumption, vehicle location, and performance data, providing valuable insights to fleet managers for better decision-making.
Fleet Rabbit simplifies truck inspection compliance by providing customizable inspection templates and scheduling tools. It enables fleet managers to conduct inspections efficiently, track inspection results, and ensure regulatory compliance, reducing the risk of costly fines and penalties.
Fleet Rabbit is specifically designed as software focused on managing truck and chassis fleets. Its tailored features and functionalities are optimized to meet the specific needs and requirements of these types of commercial fleets, ensuring efficient and effective fleet management processes.
Fleet Rabbit offers robust reporting and analytics capabilities, allowing users to generate detailed reports on various aspects of fleet performance, including fuel consumption, maintenance history, driver behavior, and compliance status. These insights help fleet managers identify trends, optimize operations, and make informed decisions.
Yes, Fleet Rabbit is highly customizable to accommodate the unique requirements of different fleet management operations. Users can tailor the software to their specific needs by configuring settings, creating custom fields, and defining workflows, ensuring optimal functionality and efficiency.
Fleet Rabbit features an intuitive and user-friendly interface designed to simplify fleet management tasks for users of all skill levels. Additionally, comprehensive training materials, user guides, and customer support are available to assist users with onboarding, troubleshooting, and maximizing the software's potential.

The industry's top rated software for reliability centered maintenance.

Fleet APP is favorite app for maintenance planners and managers, it connects all their teams under one information layer whether a new maintenance request, tracking of open workorders, status on store parts purchase or site requests on spare parts. Traditional CMMS software's can only focus on maintenance execution information while the connected information does not contribute to it.

Fleet Rabbit
Fleet Rabbit

What our customers are saying

Hear from our users who have saved thousands on their Startup and SaaS solution spend.

Sarah JohnsonLogistics Manager

"Fleet Rabbit has truly revolutionized our fleet management operations. With its seamless integration with fuel and GPS telematic devices, we've experienced unparalleled efficiency and accuracy in tracking our trucks and chassis. The inspection compliance feature ensures that our vehicles are always in top-notch condition, contributing to safer and more reliable operations.

Fleet RabbitFleet RabbitFleet RabbitFleet RabbitFleet Rabbit
Michael RodriguezFleet Supervisor

As a logistics company, we rely heavily on Fleet Rabbit to manage our commercial fleet, and it hasn't disappointed. The software's user-friendly interface makes it easy for our team to navigate through inspections, compliance, and fuel management tasks effortlessly. Plus, the real-time tracking feature gives us peace of mind knowing exactly where our assets are at all times.

Fleet RabbitFleet RabbitFleet RabbitFleet RabbitFleet Rabbit
David SmithOperations Director

Fleet Rabbit is a game-changer for our business. It streamlines our fleet management processes and saves us valuable time and resources. The integration with fuel and GPS telematics provides invaluable insights into our operations, allowing us to make data-driven decisions that optimize our fleet's performance and reduce costs.

Fleet RabbitFleet RabbitFleet RabbitFleet RabbitFleet Rabbit
Emily PatelCompliance Officer

We've been using Fleet Rabbit for a while now, and it's been instrumental in enhancing our fleet management efficiency. The software's comprehensive inspection compliance module ensures that our vehicles meet regulatory standards, while the integration with fuel and GPS telematics enables us to monitor fuel consumption and vehicle performance in real-time. Overall, Fleet Rabbit has helped us boost productivity and minimize operational risks.

Fleet RabbitFleet RabbitFleet RabbitFleet RabbitFleet Rabbit